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Short term Rentals

Need affordable fully furnished short term housing?

Interested in spending the Fall, Winter & Spring at the Jersey Shore?

Private Condominiums, Cottages & Houses
6, 7 & 8 month leases available

Lazy River offers discounted fully furnished rentals for those select individuals who would like to occupy our beautiful vacation properties during the Fall, Winter & Spring months.

Winter Rental Rates

(from just $1200 to $1600 per MONTH!)

All Homes, Cottages and Suites on website available

All properties are fully furnished

All properties include full kitchens and living rooms

Private Accomodations

High efficiency heat, air conditioning, cable TV, VCR & DVD

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long is a standard Winter Rentals Lease?

    Most Winter Rentals start on or about September 15 and end on April 30. Additional availability often occurs in the Fall and early Winter which will make our standard lease shorter.

  • When do you start offering Winter Rentals for the upcoming season?

    Winter Rentals can be secured starting over the Summer months for a September start date. Additional availability often occurs in the Fall and early Winter.

  • Can a Winter Rental be for one or two months?

    Generally No, we offer Winter Rentals throughout the Fall & Winter as they become available. All Winter Rentals are than leased through April 30.

  • Can we rent a Winter Rental without the furnishings?

    No, all properties come fully furnished. We offer the reduced rates just to permit the properties to be left in its current condition during the off season.

  • Can Winter Rentals be extended through May & June?

    No, the last day of Winter rentals must be April 30. We have found that there are more year round leases available in April & May. Leases starting in June tend to be less available and more expensive.

  • Why do be people seek a Winter Rentals?

    To Save Money. Most tenants are seeking an affordable short term rental to save money or need a short lease for a specific purpose. (Having House Built; Looking to purchase House, Have short term employment in area).

  • Why are Winter Rentals so inexpensive?

    Lazy River is design to profit over the Summer months where rentals range from $1,200.00 to $3,000.00 PER WEEK. We seek only to cover our operating costs over the Winter and do not seek to profit from our Winter guests.

  • Are utilities included in the Lease?

    All Winter Rentals include sewer and water charges. Depending on the particular property selected, gas and electric charges are either separately metered in the tenants name or alternatively kept in the Landlord’s name at a fixed monthly rate. Monthly utility charges are approximately $95.00 per month for most properties.

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